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David Reas is a Reverse Mortgage Specialist, serving senior citizen’s financial and insurance needs for more than 20 years. One of David’s goals is to help make the seniors’ retirement years as stress-free as possible. Twenty years ago, he had the privilege to begin working with seniors to help them achieve the maximum benefits for their retirement years. His first experience helping seniors was selling Medicare insurance programs. This gave him the opportunity to see the different problems and challenges that effect many people who have retired or are about to retire. The main concern his clients expressed to him was the financial challenges that they were facing at this point in their lives. This prompted him to seek solutions for their concerns.

David began looking for programs that could reduce the financial stress and burdens on seniors. After looking at several options, the best option that he found was a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage called a HECM, FHA’s acronym for a Reverse Mortgage. David’s goal is to make the retirement years as worry and stress-free as possible. Give David a call and see if a Reverse Mortgage is the right fit for you or your clients.